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Kiss and Touch Me~

Title: Kiss and Touch Me
Rating: NC17
Pairing: KiWook/RyeoBum
Summary: Ryeowook finds Kibum in a club and he intends to finish the dance they've started.

Ryeowook walked with confident strides into the club as music beat so loudly that he felt it in his chest. His skin tight pants clung to his legs as he walked. He came to dance and that's exactly what he intended to do. He didn't, however, intend to immediately spot someone who would catch his eye.

Kim Kibum was dancing in the middle of the crowd, long black hair plastered to his sweaty face and neck. His body rippled like a wave and Ryeowook walked up to him quickly. He was already beginning to sweat and his white v-neck shirt clung to his body like a second skin.

Slipping up behind Kibum, he placed his hands on his hips, moving his own against him. Kibum tensed slightly at the invasion of his personal space but he continued to dance, turning to face his interested peer. Ryeowook locked eyes with the boy and pulled his hips forward, grinding them together.

"You available?" Ryeowook murmured.

"Not interested."

Kibum walked away from Ryeowook only to have the other grab his wrist, spinning him and dancing against him once more. "Then at least finish the dance." He said, gasping when Kibum reached behind himself and groped Ryeowook's ass, hands sliding down his muscled legs before standing back up.

"Why should I?"

Ryeowook narrowed his eyes at Kibum's obviously teasing reply and he pulled the other man close, sideways. "If you really wanted to leave you wouldn't have just groped the fuck out of me." He whispered, pressing his crotch against Kibum's hip and sliding down his body, biting his lip to hold in the moan that threatened to spill out from the stiulation that it caused.

Kibum smiled and watched the older man as he stood to his full height. "I suppose that's true... let's finish the dance then." He said and Ryeowook grinned, pulling Kibum's hips to his and grinding against him. "That feels nice." He groaned and Kibum nodded in agreement.

By the time the song ended it seemed the crowd had all their atention on them. Ryeowook puffed out a hot breath of air as he looked at Kibum and smiled. "Let's go somewhere more private, ne?" He breathed.

Kibum pulled Ryeowook out of the club, ignoring the protests of the crowd, and looked at his temporary interest. "You got a car?" He asked and Ryeowook nodded, taking the lead this time and pulling the older man with him to his sleek black car.

Once inside, Kibum wasted no time in pulling Ryeowook to the back seat. "I should probably drive you know." Ryeowook suggested with a rasied eyebrow and Kibum grinned. "I have to taste you first." He said, the look in his eyes almost feral and Ryeowook felt a grin creep onto his face.

He sat back against his seat, pulling Kibum into his lap and seeking out his lips. Both boys moaned as their lips met, Kibum tangling his fingers into Ryeowook's hair and gripping it tightly. He had always been a rough kisser.

He pulled back, Ryeowook's teeth tugging on his lip as if not wanting to let go. "You're right, you should drive before things get out of hand." He whispered, the wind from outside causing him to shiver a bit. Ryeowook captured his lips one more time before climbing into the front seat. Kibum climbed into the passenger seat and smiled innocently as Ryeowook buckled himself in and started the car. Kibum waited until Ryeowook was focused on driving before he unhooked his own seatbelt and reached over, sliding his hand over Ryeowook's thigh.

"Yah, do you want me to wreck?" Ryeowook said, tightening his grip on the steering wheel. Kibum smiled, not looking at him, and shrugged as his hand went higher. "I have no idea what you mean." He said smugly and unclasped the button to the older man's jeans. Ryeowook concentrated on driving, forcing himself to keep his eyes on the road, even as Kibum pulled his semi hard cock from the confines of his jeans.

Kibum pulled his knees into the seat and leaned over, taking his first taste of Ryeowook's most intimate parts. A long, debauched moan escaped from Ryeowook and encouraged Kibum to become more bold, taking the head into his mouth and sucking it like a lollipop. Ryeowook swerved the car but righted it soon after. "What happened to I'm not interested?" He gasped, wanting to close his eyes but knowing he couldn't. 

"You have expertly persuaded me to think differently." Kibum murmured before taking Ryeowook to the hilt. The other man's eyes widened and he gasped, the car jerking forwards as he sped up. His house was only a street over. He turned into his driveway and cut the engine, pushing Kibum off of him as he lay back and caught his breath.

He looked over at Kibum and his breathing stopped. The younger man was sitting sideways in the car seat, legs bent on either side of him with his hands between his legs. His pouting lips were swolen from his mistrations. Immediately, Ryeowook surged forwards, pulling Kibum into another desperate kiss, their tongues fighting for dominance. Kibum was the first to break away.

"If you don't stop we're going to be having sex in your car." He whispered and Ryeowook pressed another long kiss to his lips. "C'mon." He ordered, getting out of the car. Kibum followed him quietly into his home and kicked his shoes off once inside. Ryeowook didn't bother to cut the lights on, instead pulling the other man to his bedroom. Kibum didn't mind, his eyes trained on Ryeowook's pert backside.

Ryeowook pulled his door shut behind them and told Kibum to make himself comfortable as he went into the adjoining bathroom and returned with massage oils. Kibum was already lying on the bed naked, his head turned towards Ryeowook, with one knee up being the only thing giving him the slightest bit of modesty.

Ryeowook felt his cock twitch, temporarily tucked back into his briefs, the rest of his clothing having been discarded in the bathroom. "You follow instructions well." He remarked and Kibum gave a breathy laugh, letting his leg slide down to lie flat, his erection standing proud in the dim lighting of the room. "I'm sure you're as eager for my ass as I am for yours." He said, a dominating edge to his voice.

Ryeowook crawled onto the bed and opened the bottle, squeezing oil out onto Kibum's stomach. He closed the bottle and ran his hands over Kibum's toned stomach, spreading the oil and massaging it into his skin, stopping to pinch his nipples before kissing them in apology. He ran his oily hands down Kibum's arms, paying special attention to his fingers and kissing each knuckle before turning his attention to the man's lips once again.

Kibum tangled his fingers into Ryeowook's hair, their chests sliding against each other as Ryeowook perched himself atop Kibum, his clothed member brushing Kibum's exposed one. Ryeowook pulled back from the exchange as he felt Kibum slide oily fingers into his briefs, his finger rubbing Ryeowook's entrance.

Ryeowook raised a delicate eyebrow at him and gasped as the other's middle finger breached his hole. His body tried to expell the intrusion naturally but he relaxed and locked eyes with Kibum as his own hand made its way to Kibum's entrance. Both boys moaned when Ryeowook inserted a finger, Kibum because of the intrusion and Ryeowook because Kibum's long finger's had found his sweet spot.

They prepared each other at an equal pace, both panting in frustration as their patience wore thin. Kibum tugged Ryeowook's briefs down his legs and the elder kicked them off as Kibum reached for the oil once more, pouring it onto his hands and Ryeowook's ass. He pulled the elder man onto his lap and Ryeowook grunted as he was guided onto the younger man's dick.

Kibum kissed along his neck and Ryeowook rocked his hips, signalling the other man to move. Winding his arms around Ryeowook's waist, he pulled the other's back against his chest and started to move, setting a steady pace. Ryeowook rested his head on Kibum's shoulder and turned his face away, leaving his neck open for Kibum to lavish his attention upon once more.

Ryeowook felt as though he was in heaven as he bounced atop the other's lap. "Ah! Hn... Right there!" He shouted, as Kibum gave a particularly good thrust to his sweet spot. He felt Kibum tighten his arms around him and hold him there for a moment. He felt Kibum's seed pouring into him and he groaned, Kibum sucking a hickey into his skin as his arms went limp.

Ryeowook got up onto his knees and felt Kibum slide out of him with a wet pop, seed pouring down his leg as his hole clenched around nothing for a moment. He turned, landing hungry eyes on Kibum and crawling over top of him. He smiled and leant down, attatching his lips around one of the pert nipples on the boy's chest and grinned at the reaction he recieved, moving up to lick at the base of Kibum's ear as he spoke. "My turn."

He positioned himself and thrust into Kibum without much warning, causing the other to arch off the bed, his long hair sticking to his cheeks as Ryeowook threaded his fingers through it. Kibum wrapped his legs around Ryeowook's hips as he began to thrust. He tightened his legs around Ryeowook and pushed his hips up, pulling Ryeowook deeper inside of him.

Ryeowook groaned, his hips not slowing at all, and seeked out Kibum's lips with his own. Their tongues tangled once more and Kibum let his eyes flutter closed as he pressed his tongue against Ryeowook's. The slightly smaller male snapped his hips forward and Kibum cried out, his sweet spot being impacted harshly. Ryeowook reached between them and stroked Kibum's, once again, hardened member. 

He smiled as Kibum jerked, oversensitive from his first orgasm, and gasped as he felt the other tighten around him, pulling him closer to the edge.  He came with a cry as Kibum clamped down on his member again, both boys spilling their seed.

Ryeowook panted, withdrawing himself from Kibum, and collapsed onto the sheets beside his temporary lover. Kibum looked at Ryeowook and the other looked back at him, both equally tired. "That'll be ten fifty an hour plus tip." Kibum said with a grin and Ryeowook blinked in shock but sleep overtook him before he could say anything.

The next morning, Ryeowook woke up to an empty bed and sat up with a groan. He was still naked and his ass hurt but nothing too surprising. He reached for his wallet to check if anything was missing. Inside he found a note.

Don't worry about the money. I was only kidding.

I enjoyed our little dance. Call me some time ^.~

Tags: kibum, kiwook, kpop, ryeobum, ryeowook, super junior, yaoi

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